The Migration Show – 4 June 2018 – LCA Seeks to Ban Migration Agents From AAT Representation, Citizenship Advice

This episode of the Migration Show with Mark Northam and Monica Gruszka is all about the Law Council of Australia’s shocking recommendations to the current government inquiry on the  migration advice industry which would severely impact the RMA profession:

  • Banning RMAs from representing clients at the AAT
  • Banning RMAs from advising on citizenship matters
  • Increasing the English test minimum score for new RMAs to IELTS 7.5 Overall on the Academic Version
  • Requiring RMAs to have a period of supervised practice after gaining their licence before they can practice on their own


Note: The LCA has now claimed that a “drafting error” existed in their submission and that they only intended to exclude RMAs from some AAT work. Here’s a link to the 7 June 2018 episode with more on this.

You can download the LCA’s recommendations to the government here:

Here’s a link to all submissions received so far to the government enquiry:

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